Discovery of the beauty of Ba Ho Stream (Nha Trang)

Ba Ho stream is 30 minutes by car from Nha Trang city; with clear blue water and an unspoiled natural landscape.

Ba Ho tourist area is located in Phu Huu village, Ninh Ich commune, Ninh Hoa, Khanh Hoa; located about 25km from Nha Trang City.

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Ba Ho Stream (Ba Ho Waterfall)

Because it originates from a stream on the top of Hon Son, 660m high and more than 10km long, flowing through the primeval forest ecosystem and forming three consecutive lakes at different heights, this place is called people in Ba Ho Stream (Three Lakes).

To visit these lakes, visitors need to walk through the forest and climb over the cliffs according to the arrows.

The first lake is about 100 square meters wide with clear blue water, an extremely poetic landscape. Local people said that in the rainy season, this is a lake with a more beautiful waterfall than the other lakes.

Following the stream, the second lake is in the middle of a dense forest.

Ba Ho Stream (Ba Ho Waterfall)

Because the terrain is quite dangerous, usually the people who come here are young adventurers, explorers, or foreign tourists who love to experience trekking.

The lake is located under a large tree, so there are many suitable places to rest, swim and eat.

The third lake is the lake with the highest position, and the way to visit is also quite bumpy and craggy.

Visitors walk about 500m along the forest, the path is full of rocks and luxuriant trees, but this is a discovery experience that is worth a try.

In the dry season, the lake dries up and the watercolor is not green because the higher you go, the more opaque the watercolor becomes.

Ba Ho Stream (Ba Ho Waterfall)

A peaceful atmosphere with a large lake is very suitable for visitors to rest, relax and swim.

With an entrance ticket of 100,000 VND, in addition to visiting the beautiful scenery, the Ba Ho eco-tourism area also provides entertainment and experience services such as kayaking, floating park, canyoning…

Besides, In addition, tourists are also fully equipped with safety equipment and lifeguards at the lakes to ensure safety.

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