An Dinh Palace – as beautiful as a poem of Hue

An Dinh Palace is a combination of extremely unique and sophisticated Asian-European architecture. With a total area of nearly 24,000 square meters, the old palace is a complex of many different works.

An Dinh Palace - Hue

Address: 78A Nguyen Hue, Hue

A poem of Hue

Currently, the palace still has 3 works still in existence: the main gate, the Trung Lap communal house, and the Khai Tuong palace. Although it is no longer new, the architectural value of An Dinh has never stopped visitors in awe.

An Dinh Palace is located on flat land; right next to the An Thinh River flowing smoothly all year round. This place has been officially opened to visitors for a long time. However, only recently, this place has really become a destination for young people to look for.

An Dinh Palace, built-in 1917, is a unique artistic architectural work of the Nguyen Dynasty; with European style combined with traditional royal architecture.

This is the place where the former Emperor Bao Dai’s family lived after the king abdicated. In particular, it is also a place that attaches many memories to Duc Tu Cung – the last queen of the Nguyen Dynasty.

After nearly half a century of being forgotten; under the impact of time and war; the beauty of An Dinh Palace was gradually covered up, even destroyed. Since 2002, An Dinh Palace was transferred to Hue Monuments Conservation Center to restore the inherent beauty of the magnificent castle.

Currently, An Dinh Palace is a relic of the Monuments Complex of Hue. Tourists can combine to visit other places in Hue ancient capital; such as Dan Nam Giao, Hue Royal Palace, Tomb of Minh Mang / Tu Duc / Khai Dinh …

After visiting the An Dinh Palace, do not forget to enjoy cuisine in dreamland Hue. There are countless restaurants and eateries with typical flavors of the ancient capital for you to explore.

+ Admission fee: 20,000 VND / adult, children free

+ Opening time:
Summer: from 6:30 to 17:30.
Winter: from 7:00 to 17:00

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