Sapa Jade Hill Resort Spa – A beautiful fairy-tale European village in the heart of Sapa

Referring to Sapa, you will immediately think of a beautiful town in the Northwest; where there is majestic natural scenery but no less romantic. And if you are looking for a quiet, private, indigenous resort that is close enough to the town center, Sapa Jade Hill Resort Spa is a very reasonable choice.

Sapa Jade Hill Resort Spa

Sapa Jade Hill Resort is located in a very favorable location, only about 2km from the center of Sapa; very convenient for you to move and easy to access famous tourist destinations; such as Fansipan peak, Cat Cat village Ham Rong mountain, Stone church …

At a glance, Sapa Jade Hill Resort appears as a European village; both classic but also very modern hidden in the morning mist. Right from the entrance to the villas are full of flowers and plants, creating a feeling of closeness, peace and romance.

Bungalow - Sapa Jade Hill Resort Spa

The villas and bungalows here are all lovely and cozy design; a harmonious combination of European architecture with chimneys, fireplaces and what’s closest and most familiar of Sapa: stone, wood palm, pine or indigenous brocade motifs.

Entering the room, you will be immediately attracted by the extremely intelligent layout; making the most of the space, making it more spacious and comfortable.

Sapa Jade Hill Resort Spa - Facilities

A fireplace in the corner, a lovely sofa set opposite, and a balcony overlooking the valley. All of them fit very well, making you fall in love at first sight.

Sapa Jade Hill Resort is divided into two separate areas: Nest Villa; nestled in the canopy of ancient plum trees, with 4 types of villas designed with delicate stone, wood, glass; and the Premium Bungalow is made entirely of palm and pine.

Nest Villa area includes villas with balconies with many unique views. If the mountain villas and the double villas view the green campus of the resort; the view of the plum garden villa and the valley villa embraces a vast natural landscape of Muong Hoa valley. .

The Premium Bungalow area includes 58 bungalows made entirely of palm and pine. With the main roof of palm leaves, the frame of the house is made up of old palm trees with rough and hard trunks; the inside is covered with planks made from fine fragrant pine boards.

Each bungalow has a unique PO-mu wood bath, for you to experience while soaking in a wooden herbal bath; while opening the curtains to see the whole mountain and valley of Muong Hoa right in your sight.

Sapa Jade Hill Resort Spa

And one thing that makes you still want to return to Sapa Jade Hill; not only because of the beautiful scenery, but also by the sincerity and friendliness of the local staff. Thoughtfulness and dedication in the way of serving always make you feel cozy and familiar; as if you were relaxing in your own house.

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