Son Tra Peninsula – Gateway of Da Nang

Son Tra peninsula in Son Tra district, less than 10 km from the center of Da Nang city to the northeast; with an area of up to 60 square kilometers, a width of 5 km, length of 13 km.

Son Tra peninsula together with Hai Van pass embraces Da Nang city, protecting the city from the rage of nature. With a long, meandering coast and rich and diverse greenery of primeval forests in a cool year-round climate, Son Tra peninsula is likened to green lungs, providing a large amount of Fresh air every day for Da Nang city. Son Tra district includes 7 wards; which are: An Hai Dong, An Hai Bac, An Hai Tay, Man Thai, Phuoc My, Nai Hien Dong, and Tho Quang.

Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra peninsula is like a charming painting of nature, harmony between heaven and earth, of sacred spiritual pieces; This place has witnessed many changes, ups and downs of time but still firmly clinging to the sea.

The road to Son Tra is winding but gentle like a bow covering the island, one side is forest, green tree hill, the other is a vast sea, seeming to see the horizon; in the soft sea breeze, in the rustling sound of leaves, enchanting people’s hearts.

Son Tra peninsula possesses charming beauty, incredible peace, seductive like a mountainous girl; but also has a taste of the sea, but also resilient and brave as a hero of Da Nang.

Son Tra – Meteorological Station of Da Nang

The peninsula sieged into a bow shape, becoming a bay called Vung Son Tra or people living here still called Vung Tien Sa. Danang Bay is like a silent hero, holding a shield to protect Da Nang from any wind storms or tropical depressions, bringing peace.

Considered as a meteorological station of Da Nang, because any different weather pattern that is about to take place will first set foot in this gateway and then weaken into the city. From time to time, the peninsula has become a quiet and quiet protector of the beautiful city.

Visiting the tourist destination of Da Nang – Son Tra peninsula, visitors can also explore and learn more about the fauna and flora typical of the North and the South, industrial plants.

Son Tra peninsula – witnesses of history

Today, Son Tra peninsula stands majestically standing there, quietly protecting the city of Da Nang; humbly humble but who knows that this tourist destination has a very heroic past. In the first place, France opened fire to invade our country; the place witnessed so much pain and loss in the process of maintaining the country’s gateway through two fierce wars.

Linh Ung Pagoda, Da Nang, Vietnam
Linh Ung Pagoda

Coming to the historic Son Tra land, visit Linh Ung Pagoda with its majestic, unique architecture; cleverly combined with science between modernity and spirituality. The pagoda is dedicated to the 67-meter-high statue of the Bodhisattva; with 17-story towers recognized as the tallest statue in Vietnam. Standing here, visitors have the best view to shrink the entire Son Tra peninsula into their eyes without having to go far; The waves murmured day and night; When night falls, the city lights appear fanciful.

Helicopters, radar stations … traces of great battles and victories of heroic Vietnamese people still exist; Today it is taken over by the Vietnamese army and is the most important strategic military position.

These beautiful scenes are sacred things, containing many cultural values of this historic land.

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