Bamboo Sapa Hotel: The ultimate check-in point

Bamboo Sapa hotel is one of the hotels that many customers love and appreciate for its service and quality; Above all at a moderate cost, it is also an answer to new customers’ concerns that Bamboo Sapa Hotel is good or not.

Sapa is located at an altitude of 1650m above sea level, where there is a majestic nature that attracts the eyes and blends into the tranquil poetic landscape, with a fresh and refreshing atmosphere. So Sapa is an ideal tourist destination for those who love the perfect beauty of nature.

Bamboo Sapa Hotel - Reception

However, with so many beautiful scenes, it takes a long journey to fully enjoy the beauty here. Of course, during that journey, a perfect place to stop is something visitors are especially interested in.

So where should Sapa be reasonable with an affordable cost but still ensure comfort in a luxurious space? If you still do not have your own answer, the review of Bamboo Sapa hotel below will be a suggestion worth considering.

Where is the Bamboo Sapa hotel located?

The prime location is one of the reasons you cannot miss the Bamboo Sapa hotel. Located at 18 Muong Hoa Street, in the heart of town, in the middle of vibrant neighborhoods, but with impressive views; You can capture the full beauty of the majestic Hoang Lien Son range and charming Muong Hoa valley.

Muong Hoa valley, Sapa, Vietnam
Muong Hoa valley

Bamboo Sapa is very close to famous tourist destinations chosen by many people as the place to visit and explore, so you can be completely assured that it does not take much time and energy when you have to move too far.

Tourist places near Bamboo Sapa such as:

  • Thac Bac Waterfall 140 m
  • Mountain Bar & Pub 160 m
  • Mau Temple 210 m
  • Sapa Ethnic School 270 m
  • Cau May 300 m
  • Lao Chai Village 330 m

Highlights of Bamboo Sapa Hotel

Bamboo Sapa is nestled in Sapa town. All over the hotel is surrounded by a peaceful natural scene, giving a feeling of extremely relaxed and gentle. From the hotel, visitors can easily explore and learn about the activities of the village, the typical highland markets, and the unique cultural identity of the people here.

Bamboo Sapa Hotel

Not only that, because of its prime location, all 8 floors with a total of 109 luxury 4-star rooms here have more than 90% of the rooms with beautiful views directly to the valley of Muong Hoa with poetic beauty.

In addition, the 3000m2 campus includes many different areas, fully meeting the needs of tourists in a trip without having to spend too much time going too far. Food service at the standard restaurant, entertainment, health at gym, beautiful view infinity pool, health care at spa and seminar room for work.

A detailed review of rooms at Bamboo Sapa hotel

A total of 109 rooms including many different types of rooms are designed in modern architecture. Exquisitely decorated items are used from natural materials such as wood, bamboo, and brocade motifs typical of upland ethnic people; creating a blend of traditional culture and a luxurious Western-style between modern life.

Standard Room

Standard Room has an area of ​​26m2, located in the front of the hotel. This is a standard room class of the hotel with windows, but the view faces the opposite row of houses and faces the street, unable to see the whole valley.

Bamboo Sapa Hotel - Standard Room

Although there is no mountain view, this is the cheapest room in return; still ensuring a luxurious and sophisticated space, cool in summer, warm in winter; for visitors to comfortably experience the most comfortable vacation.

Superior Mountain View

A more reasonable choice, also the most popular room for travelers, is the superior mountain view; With a beautiful view overlooking the mountain, but in the segment of quite reasonable prices, helping visitors save a lot of money in their travel.

Bamboo Sapa Hotel - Superior Mountain View

With an area of ​​26m2, located in a high position with a wide view of the landscape. Besides, with minimal design and harmonious colors, delicate decoration, especially the sofa located next to the window is very suitable for “chill” in a romantic space for maximum relaxation moments.

Deluxe Mountain View

Deluxe Mountain View Room has an area of ​​36m2, with upgraded furniture in terms of quality and more comfort. When entering the room, visitors will feel the elegance and sophistication thanks to outstanding decor.

Bamboo Sapa Hotel - Deluxe with mountain view

With a view higher than that of the superior, seeing the same mountain scenery is even more attractive and romantic.

Grand Deluxe Room

Grand Deluxe Room has an area of ​​40m2, this is a room with a beautiful mountain view, plus a large bathtub; giving the feeling of enjoying premium service in a very comfortable spa room.

Bamboo Sapa Hotel - Grand Deluxe Room

Not only that, with high-end furniture in modern space, this is a very popular room class for couples to spend a romantic honeymoon together.

Suite Room Mountain View

The next choice to meet the needs of enjoying in a luxurious and spacious space for two; including an extremely large king bed, modern bath, and fully equipped facilities will surely bring you great experiences.

Bamboo Sapa Hotel - Suite Room

What is more interesting than the feeling of getting up early, opening the door, and opening the door is that you can take in the view of the majestic natural scenery, take a breath and feel the extremely fresh air. Or after a day of hard-working exploration, sitting by the window sipping a glass of fragrant wine, looking away, feels strangely relaxed.

Family Connecting Room

A family connecting room with an active area of ​​up to 72m2 is very suitable for a large family or group of friends to spend their vacation in spacious spaces.

With a design of two small rooms inside, there is a door between the rooms that open easily; very convenient for the moments of living together, but still ensures the privacy of each person.

President Suite

Bamboo Sapa Hotel - President Suite

Other utilities

The infinity pool

The next impressive point that Bamboo Sapa Hotel review cannot fail to mention is the super-luxurious outdoor infinity pool; Because this is not only an infinity pool with a beautiful view but also a four-season swimming pool with adjustable temperature; so that visitors can enjoy a dip in the refreshing water regardless of the weather.

Bamboo Sapa Hotel - Solarium

This is one of the first infinity swimming pools in Sapa, which is a beautiful virtual living check-in place. Not only that, right at the pool, you can also experience the feeling of enjoying a light party on the water, afternoon tea, and European-style pastries extremely romantic.

Bamboo Eden

Bamboo Eden

Bamboo Eden – “cloud check-in point” is an equally interesting place, especially loved by young people. Just launched in July 2020, located in the hotel campus, this place is like a glass bridge to the sky.

Bamboo Sapa restaurant

The restaurant is located near the infinity pool, adding beautiful views of the Muong Hoa valley; with a diverse menu serving more than 200 dishes including specialties of Sapa and dishes of Asian or European style.

Bamboo Sapa Hotel - Restaurant

With a rigorous selection of ingredients, the skillful hands of experienced chefs will bring the most unique culinary experience to visitors.

Breakfast at Bamboo Sapa restaurant

Along with that, if visitors love the vibrant and exciting atmosphere, the bar at the hotel is the ideal next stop. With a fancy space by the design of the stone wall of the entire house wall, it makes visitors seem lost in a classic stone villa.

The bar can accommodate up to 400 guests; serving famous wines, beers, and cocktails that will make you forget all troubles.

Other services

In addition, the hotel also provides many other convenient services to serve the needs of customers; such as currency exchange, passenger car to visit famous places in Sapa, support for booking train tickets, airplanes, separate menus for important parties.

Health care service is also focused on by the hotel. It offers a gym with modern machines such as a professional gym; spa room with relaxing health care; conference rooms with large capacity for business trips, seminars …

Indeed, Bamboo Sapa Hotel is a worthy place to experience when traveling to Sapa. Hopefully, through this article, you have had more suggestions about the best place to stop for your upcoming vacation.

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