Discover the beauty of Muong Hum Commune

About 50 km northwest of Lao Cai city, Muong Hum commune, Bat Xat district is located in a basin surrounded by majestic mountains. Along with the beauty of mountains and forests, terraced fields spread evenly on both sides of Muong Hum stream, ancient snow shan tea hills … are the highlight of this land, attracting many tourists, especially young people. highland tour.

From Lao Cai city, follow Provincial Road 156 to Ban Vuoc commune, then turn to Provincial Road 158 in the Northwest of Bat Xat district more than 20 km of asphalt road, visitors will come to Muong Hum. Muong Hum valley gradually appears behind the sky gate (sky gate is the highest slope on the route to Muong Hum commune, a place named by the locals).

Muong Hum terraced fields

At the very beginning of the commune, there is a clear green lake, surrounded by terraced fields; Anyone who has been here in the seasons of the year will feel the seasonal beauty of this area. In spring, forest flowers are in full bloom, mixed with the green color of trees; summer comes, the glistening silver color of the terraced fields is like a water mirror with some green features of young seedlings waiting for transplanting season; autumn, Muong Hum wears a golden dress of ripe rice fields …

Homestay Muong Hum
Homestay Muong Hum

In addition to the beauty along the lake, Muong Hum also has the hills of Shan Tuyet and green Bat Tien tea in the west of the commune. It is known that the commune is planning a tea area with an area of ​​207 hectares associated with community tourism development. In recent years, thanks to the natural beauty, many tourists have come to Muong Hum; many households in the area have started to switch to tourism services, accommodation services, homestay …

Coming to Muong Hum, visitors can admire the natural beauty and discover the unique cultural identities of the local ethnic groups; typically the culture of the Red Dao, Dao Tuyen, Mong, Giay … The most obvious manifestation of culture is in the Sunday market every week.

Muong Hum Market

Because Muong Hum is located in the center of the northwestern area of ​​Bat Xat district; many people in the commune and from many other communes flock here to have markets. Muong Hum Market is characterized by a highland fair with many specialties, mainly agricultural products made by local people.

In particular, coming to Muong Hum, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the ancient houses built by the French at the beginning of the last century, hiding many mysteries. Muong Hum is an attractive destination, always surprises and surprises visitors when visiting.

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