Best time to visit Halong Bay Vietnam

Vung Vieng Floating Fishing Village, Halong Bay, Vietnam

When traveling to Ha Long, travelers should first find out the best time to visit Halong Bay as well as leisure activities during the vacation to have the best experience.

It is very important to research and view the weather forecast before any trip. In the place where you live, you can know for sure the characteristics of each season, but with a new place like Ha Long, there must be a lot of strange things.

The following article will give you the characteristics of each month’s weather in Ha Long.

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At this time, the weather in Ha Long is quite dry, the temperature is low, about 18 degrees Celsius with fog, little rainfall. Coming to Ha Long at this time, the activity is mainly sightseeing, when traveling you should prepare a thin coat, raincoat, bring more swimsuits when the weather is warm enough you can bathe at the beaches on Ha Long Bay.

This is also a very suitable time for you to experience other activities on the bay such as: Take in the whole view of Ha Long Bay by seaplane, climb on Bai Tho mountain, admire the bay on a cruise…


Almost like January, to visit Halong in February of the year, visitors will experience the beauty of the clear blue sky, full of sunshine. The temperature may be lower now, about 17 degrees Celsius with the same fog as last month. When traveling don’t forget to bring a jacket or a hoodie.

In February, during the Tet holiday period, many families will come home to visit and celebrate Tet in about 6 or 7 days, so some attractions here will be closed.


In March, the weather is good, the sky is clear, sunny, the temperature rises to about 19 degrees C. Traveling at this time, you should bring a thin sweater and try climbing experience, you also can do swimming and kayaking in Ha Long Bay if the temperature is a little higher.


This is the month that is considered the end of the tourist peak season, the weather in Ha Long begins to be hot, with occasional thunderstorms. Ha Long Bay at this time does not have many tourists, you can take advantage of the sunny days in early April to participate in relaxing activities in Ha Long such as hiking, cycling, boating, sightseeing…


  • In April, there will be two important festivals in Vietnam that are Hung King’s death anniversary and the reunification day – April 30. At the tourist sites on these major occasions, there will be a lot of people. You should also plan accordingly.


This is the right time to travel to Ha Long, but you have to study the weather carefully because of the rising temperature, hot weather, plus the humid climate will make you quite uncomfortable. But in return, the cool breeze on Halong Bay will make you much more comfortable.

In May, when visiting Halong Bay, be sure to bring shorts, tank top or t-shirts, swimwear, sunscreen… There are several festivals that will be held in the month such as International Labor Day (May 1) or Buddha’s Birthday (May 21).


June weather is characterized by heavy rainfall, and storms are frequent, so visitors should stay on land to ensure safety. You may not be able to swim due to the weather, but prepare a swimsuit, maybe luckily, you will visit Ha Long on a sunny day.

Outdoor activities will be postponed or canceled due to rain, so visitors should pay attention to the “Cancellation and Refund due to bad weather ” section before booking. Due to the heavy rainfall, visitors should not take part in mountain climbing.

July & August

The aftermath of the June rains will make the July and August air and weather the wettest of the year. With this weather feature, very few people come here to visit. Moreover, Ha Long usually rains the most at this time, making visibility limited. Therefore, it makes it difficult to see and experience.

But for this reason, at this time, the price of Ha Long cruises is lower than other months. Cruise companies also offer many summer promotions for travelers choosing book tours during this period.


In September, the rainfall on Halong Bay is significantly reduced, the temperature also drops to 28 degrees Celsius, the weather is mild and pleasant, if traveling to Ha Long at this time, you should bring a raincoat in suitcase and summer clothes, to prevent the sudden rains.

The fun activities at the sea will also begin to return, visitors will experience interesting services in Halong. The weather is beautiful and the sky is clear and blue, giving visitors a wide view and panoramic view.


  • September has an important holiday, National Day September 2, so during the early of September, this place is also very crowded.


Halong sky is much airier in October, the rainfall is not significant, the hot sun also disappears. The ground temperature drops to the only 26oC; Panties, T-shirts, and swimwear are the perfect outfit for you.

October is also the right time for you to see Ha Long from above, visit the colorful shimmering caves, fun activities are also exciting. No rain or heat, relaxing experiences become a lot more interesting. You can experience climbing or cycling around the bay.


The weather is dry, the temperature is about 20 degrees Celsius, so this is considered an ideal time for you to visit Ha Long. You should bring an extra thin wool coat for windy nights on Ha Long Bay. Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in the waters of Ha Long before winter comes. November is also the peak season, you should book in advance to ensure the holiday is no longer interrupted!


You will no longer have to worry about the sudden rains interrupting your perfect travel. Ha Long sky in December is clear and windy to create conditions for you to experience the activities on the bay. With a temperature of about 19 degrees Celsius, during the day, the weather in Ha Long is sunny but the nights are quite cold. Therefore, visitors should bring both summer and winter clothes.

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