The best train from Hanoi to Sapa – Timetable & Ticket Price

In this article, we will introduce you to the best train from Hanoi to Sapa to refer to the information to be able to make yourself a perfect schedule to travel to Sapa.

Sapa – a foggy city, only 350 km northeast of Hanoi. Located at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level. With mountainous terrain, the valley is full of majestic and beautiful landscapes. The summer climate is cool, the winter foggy and there maybe snow. Especially Sapa has Fansipan peak, which is known as the roof of Indochina – Who does not dream of conquering the peak at least once in a lifetime.

For tourists who have been traveling in Hanoi and want to go to Sapa to explore this land, there will be many ways by many different means such as local bus, sleeper bus, shuttle bus, train. And one of the favorite ways to travel to Sapa is by train because it is very convenient for your travel schedule and plan. Because most trains from Hanoi to Sapa go in the evening and arrive in Lao Cai station in the early morning.

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Which train from Hanoi to Sapa?

Every day, at 9:35 pm there will be an SP1 train and 10:00 pm there will be an SP3 train departing from Hanoi Railway Station with the address at 120 Le Duan, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi; of Vietnam Railway Corporation.

And from Lao Cai station to Hanoi station, there will be SP2 trains departing at 8:55 pm and SP4 at 9:40 pm. The train takes about 7 hours, so you will arrive at Lao Cai station in the early morning then move from Lao Cai station to Sapa town by local bus, shuttle bus, motorbike or taxi.

Train ticket price of Vietnam Railway company

Best train from Hanoi to Sapa - Vietnam Railway

Currently, due to the increasing demand of tourists using trains to travel to Sapa town, the Vietnam Railway Corporation has made many adjustments to increase the quality to meet the requirements. of tourists. Depending on your budget, there will be many different types of tickets below:

  • For air-conditioned soft seat tickets: 150,000 VND to 200,000 VND/ticket/ one way.
  • For cabin with 6 beds, air ticket price: VND 290,000 to VND 380,000/ticket/way for different levels.
  • For 4-cab Cabin with soft air-conditioners, wooden paneled furniture will be VND 400,000 to VND 500,000.


  • Ticket prices may increase on holidays.

Tourist carriages to Sapa

In order to ensure and meet the increasing demands of tourists, there are now many travel companies and transport companies that have signed contracts with Vietnam Railway Corporation to invest, Design wagons with high quality specialized in serving tourists.

Here is detailed information of high-quality tourist carriages to Sapa from Hanoi:

New Livitrans Express (SP1/SP2)

New Livitrans Express is one of the newly built high-class travel cars serving passengers on the Hanoi – Lao Cai route and vice versa. The New Livitrans train is divided into 7 cabins with a capacity of 28 passengers.

All cabins are designed with 4 soft beds, wood-paneled, and fully equipped with necessary facilities. The windows in each cabin are designed wide and easy for visitors to see the scenery.

The cabin is decorated in an elegant style, including a table lamp, air conditioning, clean bedding, changed daily to give visitors a comfortable sleep.

Drinking water, cold towels, snacks, toothbrush sets are also provided for free for train passengers. Restrooms are not available in every cabin but can be found at the end of each wagon.

Livitrans Express (SP1/SP2)

High-quality trains Livitrans Express has daily flights from Hanoi – Lao Cai (Sapa) and vice versa with the standards to serve you as follows:

  • 6 tourist class cars, each car has 7 cabins (area of 1 cabin: 3.6 square meters), with 4 soft beds fully equipped, creating convenience for you to travel the whole family or groups of friends.

In each train car, there are 2 toilets with necessary equipment such as the water heater, washbasin…

On the train, there is also an open and elegant Livitrans Bar, serving the needs of customers with a menu of beers, soft drinks, coffee, tea and many dishes suitable for export. taste of domestic and foreign customers …

Fanxipan Express (SP1/SP2)

Fanxipan Express is one of the best quality travel carriages and is a popular choice of passengers traveling to Sapa.

Fanxipan Express consists of 2 carriages with a capacity of 56 beds, not only providing a normal 4-bed Cabin but also can be designed as a 2-bed VIP Cabin for couples or friends who prefer private space.

All cabins are lined with natural wood with air conditioning and basic equipment in the room such as personal reading lamps, curtains, art paintings, electrical sockets showing an elegant style.

Fanxipan Express passengers can also use free drinks, cold towels, cakes, toothbrush sets. In addition, each cabin has a large glass window that allows passengers to enjoy the view during their journey.

The toilet is clean and the washbasin is designed at the end of the wagon. Each wagon also has a mini-bar, which can serve guests snacks, drinks, and hot instant noodles.

Chapa Express (SP3/SP4)

Each Chapa Express cabin has 4 beds and can be converted into a 2-bed VIP Cabin at the customer’s request by folding the 2 upper beds.

The carriage has 7 separate cabins with wooden paneling with comfortable soft beds, air conditioning, reading lights, luxurious furniture, clean toilets, hot water available.

There will also be free drinks (hot tea or coffee) and cold or hot towels to welcome passengers on board. Toilets are not designed in the train compartment but can be found at the end of the wagon with a convenient hand washing sink for guests.

On the trip, there are also trained staff who are fluent in both English and Vietnamese to assist guests whenever needed.

Laman Express (SP3/SP4)

Laman Express focuses on design and decoration like a miniature hotel, to bring passengers comfort and convenience during the journey. Every passenger embarking on the Laman Express will always receive thoughtful and dedicated service from the service staff.

Orient Express (SP1/SP2)

Sapa Orient Express train wagon with cabin system is designed with soundproof wood paneling, two-way air conditioning system, the whole car is carpeted, with auxiliary works (toilets and sinks) in two ends of the carriage create a sense of comfort and personal space for all passengers.

In addition, each cabin is equipped with reading lights and a separate drinking table with fresh flowers, especially a very secure door lock system to create a sense of peace for passengers to sleep through the night.

Passengers are offered Lavie drinks and free cold towels.

Et-Pumpkin (SP1/SP2)

The carriage is designed with 7 cabins, each with 4 soft beds with an air conditioning system. On the other side, the cabin of Et-Pumpkin can be converted into a 2-bed Vip cabin suitable for couples who love privacy and comfort.

The compartments are all lined with wood and equipped with utilities such as tables, reading lamps, electric sockets, curtains, vases, pillows, and bedding, which are renewed daily.

The two ends of the train will have a toilet, a clean modern washbasin. In addition, the car is also equipped with a free wifi system for guests to access the Internet.

Guests will be provided with complimentary cold towels, drinks, snacks. Special beers, soft drinks, fruits are also arranged for 2-bed VIP compartment without extra charge.

Violette Express (SP3/SP4)

Violette Express is one of the best trains from Hanoi to Sapa. Opened in 2015, Violet has contributed to improving the quality of service for tourists by train to Sapa.

The train car is designed with 7 cabins with 4 people in each cabin, but it can also be converted into a 2-bed VIP cabin at the request of guests.

VIP Twin compartment will bring customers more spaciousness, comfort, and privacy. Each cabin is covered with wood and decorated with equipment such as air conditioners, curtains, bedside reading lamps, power sockets.

In addition, the Violettte Express train also has a spacious corridor giving guests clear views. The deck is covered with clean wooden tiles and clean toilets, and washbasins are also designed at both ends for convenience.

Guests on the train will be free to use 01 bottles of drinking water, 01 cold towels, snacks, fruits … Especially with 2-bed VIP compartment, customers will be free of extra wine, beer or soft drinks …

Sapaly Express (SP3/SP4)

Sapaly Express has beautiful and luxurious interiors according to European standards to help you have a comfortable journey on the train from Hanoi to Sapa.

Sapaly has 2 carriages, accommodating 52 passengers, one with 6 cabins and the other with 7 cabins on SP3 and SP4 trains. Each compartment has 4 berths, which can be set to be a deluxe 2-bed compartment upon request.

Each cabin is covered with natural wood, decorated with wooden floors, charming curtains, warm lighting system, luggage storage, flowers, soft white bedsheets to provide passengers comfort and deep sleep.

In addition, there is a clean corridor with many large windows and a small but clean toilet in the wagon. Some items such as slippers, toothbrushes, toothpaste, drinking water, wet towels, snacks, fruits … are provided free of charge to guests.

Besides, Cabin Sapaly VIP Twin bed with spacious space is suitable for couples who want their privacy. VIP cabin passengers will be free of extra drinks such as beer, soft drinks, tea, coffee …..

Moreover, the staff of “Sapaly Express Train” is always ready to provide the best care to give customers the comfort of an overnight stay on the train to Sapa.

King Express (SP3/SP4)

The carriage has 7 cabins with 4 beds, natural wood-paneled and fully equipped with 3-star standard with air-conditioning, soft beds, each bed has reading lights, storage boxes, bedding clean.

In addition, the 4-bed cabin can be designed as a 2-bed VIP cabin giving guests a spacious, comfortable and more private space. In each carriage, there are clean hand-washing rooms and modern toilets providing adequate clean water daily.

Drinks, cold towels, snacks, and toothbrush sets are also provided for guests free of charge. Especially for those traveling with 2-bed VIP compartment, they are also free of extra beer, soft drinks, fruits …

Train schedules

Schedule Hanoi – Sapa & Reverse
(about 8 hours, overnight trip)
StationTime of DepartureStationTime of Arrival
SP1/ Fanxipan, Orient Express, New Livitrans, Et-Pumpkin & Livitrans ExpressHanoi9:35 pmLao Cai5:30 am
SP2/ Fanxipan, Orient Express, New Livitrans, Et-Pumpkin & Livitrans ExpressLao Cai8:55 pmHanoi4:32 am
SP3/ Sapaly Express, Chapa Express, Laman Express, Violette Express & King ExpressHanoi10:00 pmLao Cai6:05 am
SP4/ Sapaly Express, Chapa Express, Laman Express, Violette Express & King ExpressLao Cai9:40 pmHanoi5:30 am

How to buy a train ticket from Hanoi to Sapa

Currently, buying train tickets is no longer as difficult as before. You can easily buy and pay online through the website of the Vietnam Railway Corporation (

However, with this method, you cannot buy tickets for travel carriages to Sapa. To buy tickets for these travel carriages, you need to contact the agents or travel companies directly selling train tickets to Sapa or via this contact form.

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