Experience conquering Bach Mong Luong Tu Mountain & Suggested itinerary

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Bach Mong Luong Tu Mountain, also known by the other name is Ky Quan San is one of the 4 highest peaks in Vietnam. This mountain is located between Lao Cai and Lai Chau provinces, with rather rugged terrain and is one of the favorite places for adventure travelers.

With an altitude of 3046m above sea level and the distance from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain at about 15km going through many different rugged terrains will be a big challenge for those who want to conquer it.

Conquering Bach Mong Luong Tu Mountain in June, visitors have the opportunity to see the terraced fields of the Mong – typical images when referring to the Northwest mountains. The blending of clouds and clouds creates a peaceful picture.

Catching dawn on top of Salt Mountain is an enjoyable experience. Visitors will see immense clouds and fog covering the top of the mountain, rays of sunlight shining behind each cloud.

The temperature at the top of Salt Mountain is quite low. Visitors need to carefully equip coats, gloves, hats … if you want to be able to climb to the top of Ky Quan San. This is also one of the places to easily record many “unique” moments between nature.

Tourists check-in at the cliff on top of Salt mountain. Zooming out into the distance, visitors will see the mountain peaks looming behind the clouds, in contrast to the still blue sky overhead.

There is a road called “dinosaur spine” on the way to Bach Mong Luong Tu. Many people will feel “heart attack” when viewed from above because the small road is precarious with the two sides of the abyss.

Some beautiful images of Bach Mong Luong Tu mountain

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General information

  • Altitude: 3046m above sea level.
  • The distance from the foot of the mountain to the peak is about 15km.
  • You will have to spend one night in a tent camp at an altitude of 2100m, about 9km from the foothills.
  • The climbing time (including the time to climb and go down) is about 3 to 4 days depending on your health, travel speed and climbing skills.

To climb Bach Mong Luong Tu mountain, you can follow the following two directions:

  • From Lai Chau province, this is an easier way and has diverse terrain. In addition, this path will also lead you through the primeval forests so it is also more suitable for visitors who love to explore nature.
  • From Lao Cai province, this is a more difficult and long road. If you are a fan of photography and like to admire the natural scenery because then you should choose this route.


  • Because this mountain is close to the border between Vietnam and China, you need to apply for a permit before climbing this mountain, especially if you choose the direction from Lai Chau province. You need to go to the Military Command of Lai Chau Province to get a license and they may or may not agree for you to climb the mountain at that time.


If you go towards Lao Cai or Sapa, there will be a lot of porters available, because this direction has a lot of people to choose. Depending on how many people your team has, you should hire the right number of porters.

Porter price is about 300,000 VND / day / person.

Contact information of some good porters in Sang Ma Sao (where the journey of climbing begins):

  • Mr. Tua 0854 249 308
  • Mr. Pao 0369 003 251
  • Mr. Chu 0398 466 539
  • Mr. So 0947 880 730

Eating – Drinking

The main meals are prepared by the porter, so you should inform the porter in advance 2 days before the start of the journey so they prepare enough food. As for the snacks to eat along the way, you should prepare and take it with you.


If you choose the starting point in the direction of Lao Cai, at the height of 2100m there will be rest camps built by the locals. It will provide you with basic items such as blankets, pillows, insulation mats for you to sleep through the night.

When can you climb Bach Mong Luong Tu mountain?

The best time to start is spring to early summer. At this time the weather is not too hot or too cold and very rarely rain, which will make the journey to conquer the mountain easier.

In addition, climbing in the winter will bring you a very different experience. There are years when the temperature drops, you will witness snowfall in this mountain.

Schedule suggestions for climbing Bach Mong Luong Tu Mountain

From Lai Chau province

Because when you choose this direction you need to go to Military Command of Lai Chau Province to ask for a climbing license and they may or may not agree for you to climb at that time for a variety of security reasons; so we recommend that you don’t go this way.

From Lao Cai province or Sapa

Day 1: Hanoi – Lao Cai (or Sapa)

You can take a sleeper bus or train up to Lao Cai from Hanoi. If taking the train, it will take longer, about 8 hours compared to taking the sleeper bus about 6 hours.

It is best to choose trips in the evening to get to Lao Cai or Sapa early in the morning the next day so you will save a lot of time compared to the day trip because of the time traveling from Hanoi to Laos Cai or Sapa is also quite long.

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Day 2: Lao Cai – Muong Hum – Sang Ma Sao – rest camp 2100

You can rent a car from Lao Cai to Muong Hum market, but if you want to ride a motorbike, you need to move up to Sapa and follow the provincial road 155 (which is the road to Muong Hum – Y Ty).

Go to Muong Hum market and ask for directions to Sang Ma Sao or you can make an appointment with the porter to pick you up at Muong Hum market.

Start your trekking journey and you need to try to get to the rest camp at an altitude of 2100m as soon as possible.

Day 3: Base camp 2100m – Peak 2800m – Bach Moc Luong Tu – Base camp 2100m

Normally people will continue the journey at 4 am to be able to climb to the top of 2800m and watch the sunrise and sea of clouds here. After that, continuing the journey to the top of Bach Mong Luong Tu mountain will take about 5 to 6 hours.

Around 3-4 pm will begin to return to the accommodation at 2100m and overnight here.

Day 4: Base camp 2100m – Sang Ma Sao – Lao Cai – Hanoi

The time to go down the mountain will be faster so if you start early in the morning, it is almost noon and you can get to the foot of the mountain. From here, you will return to Lao Cai province and you can take a sleeper bus or train to Hanoi.

Things to prepare and consider when climbing

  • It is important to understand the weather before each trip if the weather forecast says that heavy rain may occur, you should postpone the trip because climbing when it rains heavily will be very dangerous.
  • Prepare special gear for climbing: some light rain suits, climbing shoes, waterproof mountaineering backpacks, gloves, super light life jackets. And if you climb in the winter, depending on the weather, bring appropriate anti-cold gear. Hats, flashlights, power banks …
  • For food, it is advisable to bring light snacks but provide a lot of energy such as chocolate, hot dogs … drinking water.
  • To ensure your health, you should bring a little medication against abdominal pain, headache, personal safety kit, … mosquito repellent and insect repellent.
  • Hire guides/ porters to accompany you because they are experienced and know the route well, so it will ensure safety throughout your trip.

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