Honeymoon In Vietnam: A Guide For Newlyweds

If you are planning to enjoy a honeymoon in Vietnam then you should read this guide, because it covers a lot of locations that would be the perfect hints for a romantic and special holiday for your couple. Because the most difficult option for many couples after marriage is to find a destination for their honeymoon.

Best Time To Visit Vietnam For Honeymoon

Vietnam is a year-round destination for tourists because the climate here is quite diverse and there is a difference between the North and the South.

To be able to enjoy the best travel experience as well as have a great honeymoon, you should come to Vietnam during the period from February to April or August to October every year.

At these times the weather is not too hot or too cold nor is it the rainy season.

Why is Vietnam the right destination for your honeymoon?

Beautiful scenery is the first thing that attracts visitors to Vietnam. Many famous tourist destinations of Vietnam have been on the world tourism map such as Ha Long Bay, Trang An, Son Doong, Phu Quoc, Hoi An …

Vietnam’s world natural and cultural heritage system UNESCO’s increasingly rich recognition. Many tourist destinations are voted by prestigious organizations as a favorite address of many international tourists.

It is followed by a smile, friendliness, safety index are the characteristics that make foreign tourists choose Vietnam as their next destination. Vietnamese cuisine is also very impressive and many dishes have been introduced in famous magazines such as CNN, …

Discover specialties of the regions of Vietnam always giving visitors. exotic, interesting experiences.

Top 7 beautiful destinations for honeymoon in Vietnam


The terraced fields in Sapa, Vietnam.jpg (1) - Top 7 beautiful destinations for honeymoon in Vietnam

Sa Pa is the place to enjoy the sweet honeymoon ideal for couples, in the summer Sapa has a cool climate, this is also the time when peach blossoms, plum blossoms bloom white throughout a hill region.

Autumn in Sapa is flooded with ripe golden terraced fields at the top of Phan Xi Pang mountain, in winter Sapa is covered with white snow hills. Once here, visitors will be overwhelmed by the majestic mountains and forests, and the friendly and poetic people of this land.

Traveling to Sapa, you can enjoy cool and fresh air, explore ancient French villas, beautiful Muong Hoa valley in the rice harvest season, see waterfalls or join Sapa love market, climb to Heaven Gate to see an entire sky insight or learn about the lives of H’Mong people here.

Your honeymoon will be even more interesting when enjoying the dishes with the flavor of the mountains here or the dishes that can be bought as gifts for relatives and friends.

Halong Bay

Bai Dong Island, Halong Bay, Vietnam (Top 7 beautiful destinations for honeymoon in Vietnam)

Ha Long Bay – one of 7 world natural wonders recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage. It is the perfect destination for the honeymooners of newlyweds!

Walk along romantic beaches, admire the sea, sunrise, and sunset on luxury yachts with sparkling candles, surrounded by immense water surface, rocky islands with different shapes. What an amazing experience!

Ha Long Bay also has many large and beautiful caves for you to freely explore such as Thien Cung cave, Dau Go cave, Sung Sot cave …

The tourist activities you can experience when coming here are swimming, kayaking, exploring caves, hiking, sleeping on the bay, squid fishing …

Da Lat – the city of love

Love Valley, Da Lat, Vietnam (Top 7 beautiful destinations for honeymoon in Vietnam)

With cool weather all year round and there are many beautiful places to visit, Da Lat also deserves to be on the list of destinations for your honeymoon.

The best time to enjoy your honeymoon in Dalat is from August to October, in these months the weather is quite cool – not too cold, moreover, this is the time when the city is full of fog and thousands of blooming flowers.

The beauty of flowers will make your honeymoon more meaningful. Dalat will be an ideal location for any honeymoon in Vietnam extremely ideal and meaningful for you to choose.

Danang – Hoian

These two cities are very close to each other and each has its own beauty, so you can also combine these two cities in one trip without spending too much money.

Hoi An is an ancient city with an ancient architecture next to the Hoai River which is an inseparable symbol of the old town. When you come here, couples will have the opportunity to visit the museums related to the formation and development of this city.

Visit the houses of ancient architecture, walk in the street in the evening where there are many lanterns lighting all the way. Sail on the Hoai River and enjoy the specialties of the locals …

Contrary to Hoi An which is Da Nang, this is a city with a vibrant lifestyle. Owning one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam is My Khe Beach. Not only that, Da Nang also has Ba Na tourist area where the famous Golden Bridge in the world, and there will be many interesting things waiting for couples to come here to explore on their honeymoon.

Phu Quoc Island

An Thoi Island in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc tourism will also give you moments of comfort and relaxation, beautiful sunset locations, romantic beaches with blue sea, golden sunshine, .. you can also visit the pearl village, or the old fishing village, the old Phu Quoc fish sauce factory, …

This place promises to be the destination of the sweet honeymoon that you should not miss!

Nha Trang

Cam Ranh Bay, Nha Trang, Vietnam

Nha Trang is one of the sweet honeymoon locations for your honeymoon in Vietnam, this place is known as a sea paradise with blue beaches, white sand, and golden sunshine.

The beautiful islands and beaches in Nha Trang must include Mun Island, Tam Island, or Doc Let beach. Couples who come to this coastal city not only get along with the waves but also visit the hundreds of years of cultural monuments that reign here like Ponaga Tower, Long Son Buddha Temple or Stone Church…

Coming to Nha Trang, you can freely and comfortably roam on white-sand beaches, bath in hot mineral springs, mud bath, or participate in adventure games at sea …

It will be a sweet honeymoon and remember when you two came to Vinpearl Land resort, where you can have fun all day with hundreds of games on the island. The period of October, November every year is also an appropriate time for couples to enjoy their honeymoon in Vietnam especially in Nha Trang.

Mui Ne – Phan Thiet

Phu Quy island, Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Vietnam

The most impressive thing when coming to Mui Ne is watching the lush coconut palms along the long arc-shaped beach. There is a busy fishing port with boats and ships with abundant fish and shrimp resources.

Mui Ne also has pristine beaches, majestic landscapes, fresh natural environment such as Ong Dia Beach, Front Beach and Back Beach … Especially in Mui Ne area, there are Sand Dunes – a famous name.

Famous victories over the years have become a prominent topic in the photo art contests. This is a symbol and a beautiful image of the Binh Thuan region.

The golden sand hills, white sand follow each other undulating, ripples and changes shape every hour. Under the golden sunshine like honey, with the cool breeze carrying the salty taste of the sea, the sandhills create a pristine beauty, pristine and seductive.

Visitors here will find magical moments while admiring and discovering the amazing beauty of the sand.

From the past years, Mui Ne is a place that attracts a large number of domestic and international visitors to visit and resort. The tourism potential of Mui Ne is enormous.

People here are honest, gentle and hard-working. Come to Mui Ne to enjoy and discover the natural beauty that nature bestowed on this scenic area of ​​Binh Thuan province.

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