Co To Island – A green pearl in the sea and sky of Northeast Vietnam

From a pristine island, Co To island (Quang Ninh) has now become an attractive island tourism destination, attracting tens of thousands of tourists each year.

Co To island is one of 12 island districts of the country, about 80 km from the mainland. Co To archipelago has more than 50 large and small islands, which are particularly important in defense and security.

Co To possesses natural and seductive beauty with stretching untouched beaches, emerald blue seawater, and peaceful island life with sea trips full of fish and shrimp.

Co To Island

After having the national power grid in 2013, Co To tourism has had a strong development with about 300,000 visitors, including more than 4,500 international visitors.

The most attractive destination of Co To is the beaches: Hong Van, Van Chay, Love beach … All are endowed with smooth, endless sand by nature.

In addition to the beaches on the big island, Small Co To Island or Thanh Lan Island also owns beautiful and pristine beaches with blue sea and forest blending.

The Road of Love is a straight, straight path between two high casuarinas, whispering waves. Visitors will hardly forget the wonderful feeling of cycling or walking in the windy afternoon on this road.

Uncle Ho Monuments Area on the island is a special meaningful destination. In 1961, Uncle Ho visited Co To and this was the only place he agreed to have the statue erected during his lifetime.

The lighthouse on Co To island is one of 30 “sea eyes” along the length of the country. At the height of more than 100m, visitors can see the whole scene of the vast Northeast sea.

Visitors who love nature can ride a bicycle or rent a tram to walk around the island, go to beaches, rocky beaches on the edge of the island, experience “Robinson on a deserted island”.

Mong Rong rock or Cau My is an interesting destination on the island, covering an area of ​​more than 40 hectares with stratified sedimentary cliffs creating different color ranges, which have been eroded by seawater over thousands of years.

The terrain stretches out to the sea, this is where visitors can almost feel the magical sunrise scenery that writer Nguyen Tuan wrote in Ky Co To: “A platter of offerings comes out from dawn to celebrate the longevity of all fishermen in the East Sea forever “.

To meet the development needs, Co To has now invested in many 1-3 star hotels, restaurants serving fresh and attractive specialties such as squid, jellyfish, shrimp, and crabs …

Besides the traditional hotel, the bungalow is also in full bloom and is loved by visitors for its proximity to nature.

Infrastructure on the island is also improving day by day. The distance from the mainland to the island further shortens with high-quality high-speed cruises. The highway system from HanoiHa Long – Van Don also helps increase the number of tourists coming to Co To.

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