Hue Nghiem Pagoda: One of the oldest pagoda in Saigon

Located on Dang Van Bi street (Thu Duc district, Ho Chi Minh City), Hue Nghiem pagoda (also known as Hue Nghiem ancient pagoda) was built in 1721.

The name of the pagoda is taken from the name of the Hoa Nghiem sutra. Initially, this place was just a small pagoda built on low land, about 100 meters from the current pagoda. After that, Buddhist Nguyen Thi Hien (Dharma name Lieu Dao) donated land to rebuild the spacious and spacious pagoda as the current location.

Hue Nghiem Pagoda Overview

“Today’s appearance of the pagoda has changed, but the historical mark on the old land is still bold,” said monk Thich Le Phu, the head of the pagoda.

Also according to the Senior Venerable, the architecture and temple scene have undergone many restoration phases. In particular, the biggest ant coincidence at the end of the nineteenth century was organized by Zen master Dat Ly – Hue Luu.

The roof of the Hue Nghiem Pagoda is designed in a traditional way with curved blades, lotus-shaped roof banks, stylized reincarnation wheels.

On the main hall of the pagoda, there is an altar to worship the ancestors Thiet Thuy – Tanh Tuong (1681-1757), who has been credited with building the pagoda since the early days.

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