Hanoi Opera House – Unique European architecture

Hanoi Opera House is considered to be the most beautiful theater in Southeast Asia, what has made this place receive this honor? Let’s go explore the beauty here.

Located at the center of 1 Trang Tien Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi Opera House is a popular place for tourists to visit whenever they have the opportunity to come to the capital of Vietnam.

Hanoi Opera House from above

This is an architectural work built by the French in the years 1901 – 191, during the period of the French domination of Vietnam. At that time, the theater was a place specializing in performing luxurious classical art repertoires such as Opera, chamber music, theater … for the French mandarins or upper classes, and some Vietnamese bourgeois.

Inspired by the famous European architectural works such as the Paris Opera, Tuylory Castle … so the “soul” of Europe permeates this place.

A century passed with many ups and downs of events, the Hanoi Opera House has deteriorated a lot. And has recently Hanoi Government has renovated it, replacing a face of a new vitality.

Say goodbye to the original pale yellow color, now the theater wears a dark yellow coat mixed with white to create a majestic and beautiful look.

Architecture of Hanoi Opera House

Right from the outside of the theater, we can feel the “breath” of Europe with delicate lines, classical carvings.

Inside the Opera House, there are 3 main areas: the main hall, the audience room and the mirror room.

Entering the main hall, visitors can not help feeling overwhelmed by the splendor of this place. The whole room is paved with white stone imported from Italy, covered with red carpet in the middle aisle. The ceiling and around the wall are decorated with a small chandeliers that look very noble.

Next is the audience room where the current performing arts activities are taking place. The space here is delicately designed with a central stage and an arc inspired by the Roman arena to embrace the stage so the audience’s view is not obscured and the best possible transmission sound quality. With 598 seats reasonably distributed for 3 floors, creating the most comfortable viewing space.

Finally, the mirror room, where important ceremonies are held or welcoming high-ranking characters … The space here is filled with a classic look, from designs combining many large doors with Mozaic techniques; to the hanging lamps, the headlights are plated with gold or copper … all exuding elegance and splendor.

In addition, inside the Hanoi Opera House, there are also a few other auxiliary works; such as: administration room, 18 dressing rooms, 2 vocal training rooms, library and meeting room. When you come to the theater, you can buy a few small souvenirs at the gallery and souvenir area.

Recently, the Hanoi Opera House officially announced to open to visitors. The fee is at 400,000 VND / person, students are reduced by half. In addition, you can buy tickets at the theater with the price from 300,000 – 1,000,000 VND / person and take advantage of a visit to some beautiful architectural works here.

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