Come to Phu Tho to check-in the beautiful and dreamy Long Coc tea hill

Long Coc Tea Hill is one of the most beautiful tea hills in Vietnam, attracting many tourists to check-in. The “tea oases” that make Long Coc are known as “Ha Long Bay in the midlands”.

Long Coc – Phu Tho tea hill is located about 125km from Hanoi. This location is one of the most beautiful tea hills in Vietnam, with hundreds of large and small hills. Especially in the late autumn and early winter, the tea hills are covered with a magical mist.

 Long Coc Tea Hill (Phu Tho)

The total area of tea hills is up to 10,000m2, including many straight and neat tea beds … very beautiful. Each tea hill in Long Coc has an area of about 1 ha. Here, you will be walking between a winding road with two sides of long green tea hills that follow each other to the horizon. The best time of the day is at dawn or at dusk. Looking down from the tea hill, you will admire Long Coc nestled in the valley, hidden in the beautiful magic mist, giving you a sense of relaxation, all troubles will disappear.

Currently, more than 600 hectares of tea plantation of Long Coc has been expanded towards industrial production; with many special tea varieties such as Bat Tien, Phuc Van Tien, Shan Tuyet tea … Come to Long Coc, you will enjoy taking pictures with tea hill; discover tea flavors and immerse yourself in the unique cultural space of Muong ethnic people.

 Long Coc Tea Hill (Phu Tho)

Address: Long Coc Tea Hill, Tan Son, Phu Tho

From Hanoi, you can follow the direction of Highway 32 to Thanh Son. From Thanh Son you can choose to go in the direction of Xuan Son National Park; on the way, you can ask about the way to Long Coc commune. After taking pictures in Long Coc, you can continue to Xuan Son to have fun and overnight.

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