Inside the first fish sauce museum in Phan Thiet City (Vietnam) – Lang Chai Xua

“Fish sauce” is not simply an indispensable spice in every meal of any Vietnamese family. Fish sauce is also a unique traditional feature, forming a craft village, becoming a symbol of the country’s cuisine. Every time we go to the five continents, just talking about Vietnamese cuisine, people are impressed with the unique spices that make up the spirit of each dish; Although it looks simple, it contains hundreds of years of great stories, accumulated into a name “fish sauce”.

Then in the end, fish sauce deserves to be honored in a beautiful and magnificent museum? If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to go directly to the Xua Fishing Village fish sauce museum to find the answer for yourself right away!

Open from 2019, Xua Chai Village is a museum designed with a contemporary style, an immersive interactive studio. This place has an area of ​​nearly 2,000 m2 divided into 14 bright spaces; recreating 300 years of old Phan Thiet fishing village from the Cham Pa period, the Nguyen Dynasty, the French period, and the decades 40-60.

Visitors here can play the role of fishermen, making salt; visit Phan Thiet old town, visit the house of the household title (the giant of fish sauce); discover how fishermen discovered fish sauce from fish marinades; discover the name of fish sauce in the past, the reason it is called “fish sauce” today …

Even though it’s the fish sauce museum, the smell here is very well handled; especially in the bin house area by keeping it tightly closed. Therefore, not only domestic but also foreign visitors to the museum can freely visit.

Lang Chai Xua fish sauce museum Phan Thiet

In order not to create unpleasant odors in the museum, the fish sauce-making process is recorded and played on the led screen for visitors to learn. The rin fish sauce in the olden days, the pure fish sauce, was drawn directly from the wooden tents made slowly ripe. This is a kind of fish sauce that is called fish sauce by the people of the old fishing village in Phan Thiet.

In addition, visitors also learn how to “carefully” fish sauce; a way of determining the delicious fish sauce of the ancients based on color, smell, taste under the light. More interesting is learning how to distinguish and choose delicious fish sauce; by using rice seeds of the people of Phan Thiet. Accordingly, if you drop the cold rice seeds in the fish sauce bowl and the rice seeds are floating or suspended, it is a high-protein type (traditional fish sauce). With industrial fish sauce, the rice seeds will quickly sink to the bottom.

Finally, visitors will be satisfied with the indispensable needs when going to Phan Thiet to buy a special gift of fish sauce with unique pottery dishes according to the 300-year formula of the ancestor of Tran Gia Hoa, with a rope in the handle. old box.

With the fish sauce museum of Xua Fishing Village, Phan Thiet not only has more tourist products to attract tourists but also contributes to promoting traditional culture with a rich fish sauce, a 300-year traditional Phan Thiet fish sauce.

Admission fee to visit the museum is 100,000 VND for free adults and children under 1 meter. The museum is located at 360 Nguyen Thong, Phu Hai, Phan Thiet – Mui Ne; and is open from 9:00 am to 18:00 daily. Hotline: +84 90 1111 666.

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