Top Must-Visit Fair Markets Can Not be Missed When Coming to the Mountainous Northwest Region

Known as a cultural specialty in the highlands, the Northwest Market always makes visitors admire by its simple yet colorful features.

Ha Giang

Meo Vac fair market

This is one of the biggest markets in the Northwest. Meo Vac fair takes place every Sunday with a full range of agricultural products, household appliances, and other goods. Because it is located in the center of town, the fair here always attracts a lot of people to participate.

Meo Vac Fair Market (Ha Giang)

Some people will even gather from Saturday night and participate in fun activities until the end of the next day. Every year, hundreds of tourists come to visit here to learn more about the lifestyle as well as explore the unique culture of the highlands.

Dong Van fair market

In Dong Van, fair markets bring a feeling of closeness among the local people, including ethnic Dao, Giay, Nung, …
From the bunch of vegetables picked in the back garden, some self-grown potatoes, tamarind fruit, chili… are all brought to the market for exchange.

Dong Van market

This market also takes place on weekends but not too crowded like in Meo Vac. In addition to agricultural products, there are also many stalls selling apparel such as clothing or shoes.

Lao Cai

Can Cau fair market

If you ever visit Lao Cai once, you must have heard about Can Cau fair market. There are also commodity exchange activities like other markets but very outstanding with food stalls. The dishes that visitors should try when coming here are “village pigs”, Black Pig cooked in a highland noodle pot with no additives, only bone broth with salt.

The noodles are not white but chewy and the bamboo shoots are delicious. On the other hand, the items that account for the most are probably handicrafts. In addition, this market is also a gathering place for traders to buy and sell buffalo.

Bac Ha fair market

Once ranked by Serendib Travel Magazine in the top 10 markets in Southeast Asia, the market in Bac Ha also attracts a lot of visitors to visit every weekend. After being upgraded to a concrete foundation, the market area is more convenient for people to exchange goods while still retaining the inherent traditional features.

Bac Ha Market is a place to exchange goods and a place for cultural exchanges between local ethnic groups.

Because it is a big market, Bac Ha is divided into many areas selling different types of products such as cuisine, textiles, horse trade, poultry trade, … Visitors can also come here to buy wild honey. and many kinds of fresh and delicious forest fruits as gifts for relatives after the trip to the Northwest.

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