Explore the Muong Ethnic Group Cultural Space Museum

Muong Ethnic Group Cultural Space Museum is a work of art. Derived from the deep inspiration of a young painter with the desire to recreate the entire living space of the Muong people.

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The museum is located on a hill in a small, narrow limestone valley with an area of 5 hectares. 80km from Hanoi to the west, 7km from the center of Hoa Binh city in the direction of Son La (located on a new road called Tay Tien Road). This was the living area of the ancient Muong people.

Muong Ethnic Group Cultural Space Museum is the first private museum of the culture of the Muong ethnic group, a nation with a long cultural tradition in the great family of ethnic groups in Vietnam. The work is invested, designed, and built by its owner. The museum is divided into two common areas:

Reappearance area and Exhibition area.
Reappearance Area: consists of 4 stilt houses (Lang house, Au house, Noc house, Noc Troi house) representing 4 classes in Muong society.

Lang house: is the most powerful class, dominates the whole Muong.
Au house: are the helpers for the Lang.
Noc house is the popular class in Muong society.
Noc Troi house is the poorest class in Muong society.

These houses are collected and built from the old houses of all classes in Muong society. Raw materials are taken from herbs such as wood, bamboo, leaves … are very close to the Muong people.

Exhibition area: including themed galleries, fixed displays In which there are many valuable artifacts and many objects of daily life economy, culture … of the Muong people such as fishing tools, textile tools, hunting tools, funeral room, household appliances, water trucks …

Muong studio art space
The museum has a Muong studio artist residence center, which is a place to exchange, exchange, compose and exhibit art by domestic and international artists. There are regular art activities such as painting, sculpture or installation … visitors can directly exchange with artists or perceive art forms through these activities.

The museum has a library with more than five thousand books, with many different genres such as Literature, History, Science and Technology … Especially books on Ethnic Culture and Muong Culture … meeting the need of study of visitors, researchers, pupils and students.

Up to now, the Muong Ethnic Group Cultural Space Museum has collected and kept more than 3000 artifacts. It can be said that the Muong Ethnic Group Cultural Space Museum is a precious center of exhibition and preservation of the Muong ethnic group in Hoa Binh in particular and in Vietnam in general.

This place is not only a place to visit and entertain but also a place to learn and research about the cultural and media values of Muong ethnic people.

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