Surprisingly beautiful lotus pond in full bloom in mid-Autumn – Mua Caves, Ninh Binh

On the tourism forums and groups on Facebook recently, images of a lotus lake in full bloom were shared with netizens. Many comments were surprised when it was autumn, there was still a lotus lake blooming so much. And the place mentioned here is the lotus pond in Mua Caves, Ninh Binh (Also know as Dancing Cave).

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The image of the feverish lotus lake is a famous place over the past time, this is also the lotus lake that was once called the strangest place in Vietnam when it was still blooming last winter.

Appearing since last year, the lotus pond with a heart-shaped wooden path at the foot of Ngoa Long Mountain in Mua Caves, Ninh Binh has caused a fever on the online community, becoming one of the most popular young check-in places.

The photos of the lotus lake are also regularly appeared on many tourism review groups. 1Ha wide, this lotus lake is still in full bloom today because the lotus variety here is different from other places.

According to the manager, lotus in here is a Japanese lotus variety that blooms all year round, not just in summer-like other lotus varieties. Therefore, this place has become a popular place for many people to admire or take photos of lotus.

Many people who are afraid of hot summer or miss the lotus season in the middle of summer also come here as a way to satisfy their love for this flower known as the national flower of the Vietnamese.

Along with the artificial waterfall, giant mushroom garden …, the lotus lake is becoming the most popular check-in point when coming to Ninh Binh and helping Mua caves become the first check-in point in years with young people.

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