The festival to explore the scenic beauty of Mu Cang Chai terraced fields

Every year, when the rice is ripe, tourists from all over the world flock to Mu Cang Chai to experience the “golden dream” on the immense terraced fields. However, at this time, there is also a very special Mu Cang Chai terraced field festival, promising to bring visitors many interesting experiences.

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Admire the terraced fields of Mu Cang Chai – the beauty captivates many visitors

Seeing terraced fields is definitely an indispensable activity in the Mu Cang Chai terraced field festival. Mu Cang Chai terraced fields have a seductive and attractive beauty, formed based on a combination of nature and skillful hands of upland people.

The festive season is also the time when the rice fields are ripe. It is also this beautiful beauty that Mu Cang Chai is ranked as one of the most unique landscapes in Vietnam.

Paragliding Festival “Flying in the golden season”

With activities aimed at giving visitors a unique experience in the Mu Cang Chai terraced field festival, the paragliding festival will help visitors enjoy the majestic and natural beauty of the Khau Pha valley under a completely new look.

Khau Pha Pass is one of the “four great passes” in the Northwest with a length of over 20km. This is considered one of the five most beautiful flight destinations in the world, attracting many domestic and foreign pilots to participate, which contributes to the attraction for Mu Cang Chai.


“Flying on golden season” is the most anticipated activity of the year. Join the program, visitors will be disguised as a special pilot and start an exciting journey.

Real scene show “Four seasons Mu Cang Chai” – enjoy the beauty of four seasons

This is a new activity in the Mu Cang Chai terraced field festival 2020. Here, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the beauty of Mu Cang Chai in four seasons. Each season, Mu Cang Chai has its own beauty: in spring, Mu Cang Chai is brilliant with blooming peach buds, and fields of canola flowers bloom. Summer is the moment here in the picturesque season.

This is also the time when upland people start a new crop. Autumn is the occasion when Mu Cang Chai is covered with golden rice fields in the harvest season. Standing high above, visitors will be overwhelmed by the poetic beauty of the picture of golden rice mixed with green rice steps like the rustic, sincere people here.


Each season, Mu Cang Chai wears a different beauty. If you have not had a chance to come here for all four seasons, then the Real Scene Show is the chance for you to experience it clearly and completely!

Fair highland market – cultural feature indispensable in the Northwest

Mu Cang Chai highland fair will be the place to introduce and sell all kinds of products and goods typical of the Northwest highlands. Here, visitors will easily find a variety of agricultural and forestry products such as honey, cat apple, chili, cardamom, … or brocade products typical of the Mong, Thai…ethnic groups.

Mu Cang Chai was once evaluated by CNBC as a great tourist destination for international tourists to Vietnam in 2020. CNBC described Mu Cang Chai as a pearl deep in the valleys deposited by the Red River, with many mountain villages mingled with terraced fields.

The picturesque fields here are the result of agricultural farming, while the undulating mountains are covered with emerald terraces.

Like the fingerprint of heaven, the Mu Cang Chai terraced field is an artistic architectural work full of creativity from the skillful hands of the Mong people living on this land.

The fields are stretched like bows, musical notes, woven around the mountainside.

The most ideal time to watch the terraced fields is from late September to mid-October when the rice is ripe. At this time on the slopes, hillsides, the green rice fields began to turn yellow.


This is also one of the most beautiful moments for visitors to Mu Cang Chai.

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