Giong Festival and traditional cultural beauty

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The Giong Festival is held annually to commemorate and praise the achievements of the legendary hero Thanh Giong, one of the four immortals in Vietnamese folk beliefs.

There are two typical Giong Festivals in Hanoi, Soc Son Giong Festival in Soc temple, Phu Linh commune, Soc Son district, and Phu Dong Giong Festival at Phu Dong temple, Phu Dong commune, Gia Lam district, which has been registered by UNESCO as a heritage, the intangible culture of humanity.

Giong Festival held in Soc Son district, Hanoi:

In addition, there are more than 10 Giong festivals also held in Hanoi such as the Giong festival Bo Dau, Bo Dau commune (Thuong Tin district); Thanh Giong Worship festival in Dang Xa and Le Chi villages (Gia Lam district); the villages of Phu Lo Doai, Thanh Nhan, Xuan Lai (Soc Son district); Son Du, Can Khe, Dong Do (Dong Anh district); Xuan Tao village (Xuan Dinh Ward, Bac Tu Liem district).

The outstanding value of Giong Festival is shown in that it is a cultural phenomenon that has been preserved, passed down quite continuously and completely through many generations. The festival also plays a role of community association and contains many creative ideas, expressing the desire for the country to be at peace and the people to have a prosperous and happy life.

In terms of art, the Giong Festival has many beautiful features and values of the festival such as processions, flag signs, drum, gong, folk performances, lion dance, tiger dance …

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