How many days is enough for a first timer in Halong Bay?

Halong Bay is known not only as a UNESCO world heritage site but also as one of the world-famous natural wonders. With many beautiful landscapes, diverse flora and fauna of great archeological and geological significance, with landmarks attached to cultural and historical values, Ha Long Bay is considered as one of the most famous destinations in Vietnam with foreign visitors.

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How Many Days Should I Visit Halong Bay For?

Depending on how much time you spend on your plan to explore this beautiful Halong Bay. Usually, the cruise companies will have 3-day, 2-day tours or even explore Halong Bay in 1 day for those who do not have much time. Let’s take a look with each of these packages, what you will discover and experience in Halong Bay

Halong Bay 1 day tour

There are a number of key routes on a one-day tour in Ha Long Bay that different boat companies will have different options. You should refer to the train program to know and choose the route you like.

Route 1: Tuan Chau – Thien Cung – Dau Go – Huong Huong – Ga Choi ship ports (~ 4h).
Route 2: Port of Tuan Chau – Thien Cung – Dau Go – Dinh Huong – Ga Choi – Sung Sot – Ti Top. (5 – 6h).
Route 3: Tuan Chau – Me Cung – Sung Sot Port – Cua Van – Ho Ba Ham fishing village (7-8 hrs).
Route 4: Got ferry port (Hai Phong) – Lan Ha bay – Hoa Cuong cave (6-8h)


  • Reasonable price
  • Suitable for travelers who do not have much time


  • You will miss many of the other beautiful tourist destinations on the bay
  • There is no opportunity to participate in tourism activities on the bay such as bathing, kayaking, squid fishing at night…

2 days 1-night program

This is the favorite choice for many domestic and foreign tourists. You will have enough time to explore a few more famous tourist destinations located on the bay that 1-day program does not have such as: go through Luon Cave by kayak or bamboo boat, visit Bai Tu Long Bay and Thien Canh Son cave, or even visit Cat Ba Island (some cruise running on route Lan Ha Bay), … and will spend a night on board in Halong Bay.

Activities you can participate in the program will be kayaking to explore caves, squid fishing, swimming…

3 days 2 nights program

This is the choice for travelers who want to explore more on Halong Bay. With a 3-day program, in addition to exploring tourist attractions on the bay, you will also get involved in activities such as cycling to discover a local island that is home to fishermen, visiting the pearl camp…

However, with a longer schedule, the tourist activities while onboard will be repeated such as Tai Chi in the early morning or squid fishing in the evening.

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