Why is Vietnamese coffee so strong? Let’s discover which secrets help Vietnamese coffee always have a strong flavor

Coffee flavor – a sentence that seems very simple but it is a sentence used to describe all the beautiful culture of Vietnamese coffee. Why is Vietnamese coffee so strong? Indeed, traditional Vietnamese coffee is not only rich in taste but also in an elaborate and sophisticated way. But to make that unique flavor is an art not everyone knows.

Robusta coffee beans – the origin of a rich flavor

Coffee connoisseurs understand that the origin and quality of coffee beans will determine the taste of coffee cups. Therefore, in order to have a delicious and tasty traditional Vietnamese coffee, coffee beans must be Robusta grown from the highlands of Vietnam with the cool climate, fertile basalt soil.

Traditionally coffee is harvested by hand by one of two ways: strip picking or selective picking.
Traditionally coffee is harvested by hand by one of two ways: strip picking or selective picking.

It is the areas with such soil properties that can create conditions for coffee with high caffeine content, keeping the full typical flavor of Vietnamese coffee.

After harvesting, only beans that meet the criteria will be selected to prepare for the next stage. Therefore, the classification of coffee is considered an extremely important step, deciding whether a cup of coffee is delicious, tasty or not.

Making coffee with filter – the unique secret of making Vietnamese coffee

Making Vietnamese coffee with filter.
Making Vietnamese coffee with filter.

It can be said that making coffee with filter is the secret to creating a delicious coffee with great taste. While in the world it is popular for machine-brewed Espresso lines with a thin coffee flavor and often smells like fresh milk, drinking coffee made with filter and condensed milk is a very specific feature in Vietnam.

Typically, people choose stainless steel filter because it keeps the water hot for a long time, helping coffee get a full temperature when brewing, thereby making the coffee cup more charming and fragrant.

Therefore, to get a cup of coffee blended with the richness and aroma is a meticulous process that requires meticulous and patience including many stages such as coating the filter, brewing the coffee, pour boiling water in and wait for the coffee to drip, then add milk or sugar as desired.

On average, the time it takes for a batch of authentic Vietnamese coffee is at least 10-15 minutes. Therefore, it is no coincidence to say that the essence of Vietnamese coffee is truly wrapped in a filter and most characteristic in its richness.

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