“Immerse yourself” in nature at Son Tra Tinh Vien (Da Nang, Vietnam)

Son Tra Tinh Vien (Da Nang) has more than 100 species; out of a total of nearly 300 species of bamboo in Vietnam. The road to Son Tra Tinh Vien is the famous coastal road of Da Nang: Hoang Sa – Vo Nguyen Giap – Truong Sa.

The road to Son Tra Tinh Vien
The road to Son Tra Tinh Vien

Son Tra Tinh Vien; another name is “Da Nang Bamboo Reserve”; located deep in the valley of Son Tra Nature Reserve, in the sub-zone 64; in the territory of Tho Quang ward, Son Tra district (Da Nang); is considered a fairy tale world.

This is a bamboo garden that is very quiet and cool all year round; streams gushing, birds chirping, wind whispering, blending into a beautiful, poetic, and lively picture.

 Son Tra Tinh Vien Entrance Gate
Entrance Gate

The garden is the devotion of the whole life of a monk

Son Tra Tinh Vien is one of three bamboo conservation zones in Vietnam; next to the bamboo garden at the Forest Science Institute (Phu Tho) and the bamboo village of Phu An (Binh Duong); created by monk Dai Duc Thich The Tuong.

The predestined relationship came in September 2005 when a Buddhist admiring his devotion; and offered 1 hectare of land on a rocky stream in a valley of Son Tra peninsula to help him plant bamboo as his wish. At that time, the wild mountain forest, immense reeds, he created a small house where he practiced and lived.

The enthusiastic owner of Son Tra Tinh Vien is "Thich The Tuong"

Gradually he diligently cleared the jungle, made roads, dug hundreds of square meters of water into the lake. He planted lotus and used water to water bamboo; creating an ecological environment. He worked diligently day by day, and then more than a year later created the “Vietnamese Bamboo Reserve” as it is today.

In addition, he is still daily bringing his strength and enthusiasm to search, research, and multiply all kinds of bamboos by himself. From bamboo in Hoa Long, black bamboo in Bac Kan, bamboo of Lang Nga, Hedge Bamboo (Chinese dwarf bamboo) in Da Lat to black bamboo of Yen Tu mountain in the Red book are all brought to this place to multiply and grow green.

Peaceful scene

Tinh Vien Son Tra has more than 100 species out of a total of nearly 300 species of bamboo in Vietnam. Over the past decade, the monk has turned a wilderness area into Son Tra Tinh Vien with high value in culture, ecology, and tourism.

Contact information

Address: Sub-zone 64, Le Van Luong street, Tho Quang ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang city
Opening hours: 6:30 – 18:00 (All days of the week)
Phone: +84 236 3821 203

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