The beauty of Phap Vien Thanh Son pagoda in Nha Trang

Referring to Nha Trang, people will immediately think of the beautiful sea paradises; but out of the sea, there is also a place called Phap Vien Thanh Son Pagoda – as beautiful as a “little Myanmar” that very few people know.

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The mysterious pagoda is Phap Vien Thanh Son located in Khanh Xuan village, Dien Lam commune, Dien Khanh district, Khanh Hoa province, about 25km south of Nha Trang city center. Previously, this was a place where few people knew the name Long Son Pagoda or the Mountain Church. Phap Vien Thanh Son always impresses any visitors who come here; all infatuated with the unique beauty that is not available anywhere; even the most demanding tourists.

Phap Vien Thanh Son Pagoda (Nha Trang)

Located outside the city center, Phap Vien Thanh Son Pagoda is located on the hill of Dien Lam commune. It will not be too difficult for you to move here by car or bus. If you travel by car from Nha Trang city to National Highway 1A, meet a junction, turn left for about 1km and then turn right along the road across the field, you will see from a distance the hidden pagoda image appeared behind the mountain range with mist.

The reason why Phap Vien Thanh Son pagoda attracts tourists; although this place is famous for being difficult to find, difficult to access; is the extremely unique architecture. Just looking from afar from the direction to the pagoda, you will see, an outstanding colorful pagoda; thought to be a “small Myanmar” located in the middle of a green field.

Phap Vien Thanh Son (Nha Trang)

Surrounded by immense fields, deep green slopes with majestic mountains, making Phap Vien Thanh Son Pagoda become so simple and rustic. The pagoda was built in 2006 on the land in the old days; where it was built by the late Buddhist Le Thien in 1918.

Due to the destruction of war and time, the pagoda is still continuing to build the next works. According to the bibliography, the pagoda was built according to the Indian and Myanmar architecture; because the abbot spent some time studying there. Looking down from the courtroom is the image of rice fields stretching all the way, deep green slopes; making people’s hearts feel so light and peaceful.

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