Nam Son Pagoda – The “fairy scene” in the middle of the bustling Da Nang

Possessing a majestic, serene beauty, but no less peaceful and poetic. Nam Son Pagoda has long been not simply a cultural and religious destination of the people here, but in recent years this temple has become an attractive tourist destination for tourists when having the opportunity to visit Da Nang.

Located in Cam Nam, Hoa Chau commune, Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city, Nam Son Pagoda was established in 1962 by fellow believers Nguyen Van Chau and many enthusiastic local disciples. Up to now, more than 50 years since its construction, the temple has also undergone many restorations and is now the abbot of the pagoda.

The highlight of the pagoda lies in the unique architecture designed by Dai Duc Thich Hue Phong himself. Through many times of restoration and embellishment, the pagoda now has a total area of ​​up to 10,000m² which is planned with many areas such as: Zen Monastery, Hall, Chinh Dien, parking lot, guest house, …

Owning the typical architectural features of the old temples/ pagoda in the Central. Right at the entrance to the pagoda, hallways, or paths are hung many eye-catching red lanterns. Along with the majestic beauty, tranquility but very poetic will make you surprised when you have the opportunity to visit this pagoda.

How to get to Nam Son Pagoda from the city center?

Nam Son Pagoda is located on Nguyen Khai Trac street in Cam Nam, Hoa Chau commune, Hoa Vang district, Da Nang. To move to this tourist destination Da Nang is also quite easy; rent yourself a motorbike, with the price from only 100,000 VND / motorbike/day; then move in the direction of Cam Le bridge, cross the bridge.

Route map to Nam Son Pagoda from Dragon Bridge Da Nang
Route map to Nam Son Pagoda from Dragon Bridge Da Nang

You will go to Pham Hung street. Go straight Pham Hung Street until the intersection between Pham Hung Street and Mother Thu Street; turn right, keep going a little way, you will see Nguyen Khai Trac street intersect; if you come here, turn left onto Nguyen Kha Trac street and notice the hand right you will see Nam Son pagoda.

The road is relatively easy and convenient; but because traveling by motorbike; you also need to pay attention to ensure safety in traffic because the traffic volume in this area is quite crowded. In addition, if you go with your family or a group of friends, you can completely take a taxi; which will be much simpler and lighter.

Unique features at Nam Son pagoda

Coming to Nam Son Pagoda in Da Nang, you will be surprised by a very majestic, magnificent scene; but very tranquil and peaceful. After many restorations works, up to now; with its unique new appearance; this pagoda has not merely been a cultural and religious destination for Buddhists, but has gradually become a tourist destination; attracts many tourists to visit. On major festivals of the year, this temple usually organizes many unique religious activities; at this time, visitors worldwide are much more numerous.

Nam Son Pagoda

Located not far from the center of Da Nang, after only a few dozen minutes’ drive you will reach this pagoda. From the moment you enter the gate, you will easily notice many red lanterns hanging along the path. This image makes many visitors think of the famous old town in Hoi An.

Immediately after that, you will be lost in a completely different world with a large, tranquil space, majestic works with old architecture. With its large area, Nam Son Pagoda was built with many monumental works. With the immense Phong Sanh lake, the sound of water gurgling at night and day; like cooling the hearts of visitors when visiting.

Nam Son Pagoda

Not only that, the garden of the pagoda is equally impressive. Sometimes you will come across the Buddha’s admonitions, reminding us to live properly. Not possessing the quiet ancient beauty or mysterious and magical features like ancient temples; but with unique beauty and quiet space, will bring you gentle and relaxing moments in your soul.

If you are looking for a destination with a quiet and tranquil space to temporarily forget the worries and sorrows of daily life, Nam Son Pagoda will be the choice that you should not miss when visiting Danang.

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