The best things to do in Ta Phin village (Sa Pa)

If you want to travel to Sa Pa to enjoy the freshness, peace, close to nature, mountains, and forests, the area of ​​Ta Van village or Ta Phin is really worth a reference. These areas, which are inhabited by ethnic people, still retain an interesting identity; and above all, there are interesting activities and destinations to relax. Here are some interesting destinations in Ta Phin for you to experience a new and peaceful Sa Pa.

Visit the strawberry garden, artichoke garden

For many people, strawberry or artichoke has long been a symbol, associated with Da Lat. But in fact, without going to Da Lat, just traveling to Sa Pa can also immediately discover the beautiful strawberry and artichoke gardens. Because of the humid and temperate subtropical climate, the cool air all year round in Sa Pa is really ideal for these plants to grow.

The strawberry garden in Ta Phin village, Sapa

Strawberry and artichoke gardens in Sa Pa are concentrated in Ta Phin. Just coming to the village, it is not difficult for you to find hectare-wide gardens with ripe red strawberries, peeked, hidden beside the blue colors. Most of the strawberries here are grown according to VietGap standards. To meet the needs of tourists in Sa Pa, most gardens are for visitors as well as selling strawberries picked at the garden. A kg of strawberries picked from a garden in Sa Pa has an average price of about 150,000 VND.

Along with that, the green artichoke fields covering the mountains and hills are also worth exploring. Especially on the occasion of May to July every year is the season of artichoke in Sa Pa blooming. Compared with strawberries, artichokes appeared in Sa Pa quite early, but only thrived for nearly 20 years.

Especially, May to July every year is the season of artichoke in Sapa is in full bloom; so if you visit the artichoke garden at this time, you can also live virtual with strange flowers.

The artichoke gardens in Ta Phin are all produced under the GACP-WHO process; and are the first medicinal plants in the North to be recognized to meet GACP international standards. Therefore, coming here; in addition to visiting; you can also buy clean Sapa artichoke products such as tea, artichoke extract as gifts for relatives.

Bathing the Dao herbal leaves

Coming to Sa Pa, you should not miss the Dao bathing experience. In which, Ta Phin commune is considered to be the place where the “real” Red Dao herbal bath is the most “real”, “quality” and the most interesting when more than 90% of the Red Dao live here. The bathing leaves are taken and planted by the households themselves, and then boiled to serve tourists.

Bathing the Dao herbal leaves in Sapa

The cost for a leaf bath here is about 100,000 Dao / person; It is not expensive for you to enjoy the refreshing and relaxing feeling in a wooden bath filled with fragrant water and the smell of mountains and forests. Not to mention some places where you can both relax in the tub and watch the charming mountain scenery through the glass window.

Refreshing, relaxed and light-headed are suddenly feeling when stepping out of the bath; but if you soak in the bath for too long, you can become drugged and sleepy, so be careful not to soak for too long.

Ta Phin Monastery

On the way from Ta Phin tourist village to Sa Pa town, Lao Cai, you should definitely take the time to visit the ruins of Ta Phin Monastery. Over the past half century, this place was abandoned; time, rain and sun have affected this relic; but the monastery still retains the beauty of a monumental architecture in the past.

Ta Phin Monastery

The beauty of the French architecture; the ancient door frames, the dome doors and the mossy stone materials; make this place a cinematic scene if you are a fan of beautiful photos.

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