Be ecstatic at the beauty of the majestic Hai Van pass

Not only a place associated with many important historical events, but Hai Van Pass is also a destination that attracts tourists who are passionate about discovering and experiencing beautiful scenery that captivates people’s hearts.

Considered as “The First Great Heaven Pass”, Hai Van Pass is located on the Bach Ma mountain range; and is the natural boundary between Thua Thien – Hue province and Da Nang city.

Hai Van Pass

With a length of 21km, the highest peak is nearly 500m high, Hai Van is the most famous and dangerous mountain pass. Before, when there was no road tunnel through the pass, Hai Van pass was always full of traffic.

Today, Hai Van pass possesses a quiet and poetic beauty; always welcoming unexpected discoveries of many tourists who love new experiences.

Despite the rugged terrain with steep, winding slopes on the high abyss, any visitor who has the opportunity to set foot here is extremely attracted by the beauty of one of the roads – one the most beautiful pass in the world.

Hai Van Quan
Hai Van Quan

Hai Van Quan is a shortstop in the journey of conquering Hai Van pass. This is not only a stop for visitors to admire the “picturesque natural landscape” but it also brings the beauty of ancient architecture associated with many historical marks.

From the top of the pass, looking to the south, the modern city of Da Nang seems to be small. And from here, you can also enjoy the vast, picturesque sea scenery of Cu Lao Cham, Son Tra Peninsula in your sight.

Meanwhile, facing the North, you will admire both Lang Co Bay and the peaceful green Lap An lagoon. All these beauties have created an enchanting natural picture.

Lang Co Bay
Lang Co Bay

As sunset falls, the sky gradually changes from a brilliant blue to pink or orange. It is the ideal time for tourists to relax and contemplate the scenery of Da Nang city or Lang Co Bay in the sunset; clouds floating in the fanciful space.

In your journey to conquer Hai Van pass, in addition to admiring the unique natural beauty here, do not forget to record the beautiful “unique” moments!

To the pass, you can travel by car and motorbike, bicycle. However, traveling by motorbike is still the best! Because, this is the means to help you fully understand the feeling of conquering Hai Van pass.

You can actively stop on the pass, rest, take pictures of the scenery as you like. If you depart from Da Nang, after about 1 hour, you will reach this majestic and full of obstacles.

In addition, many people also venture to conquer the pass by bicycle. But of course, you have to be very physically fit to dare to do this.

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