7 famous flagpoles in Vietnam

Located in famous places in Vietnam, these 7 flagpoles attract many visitors to check-in.

Lung Cu flagpole

Lung Cu flag tower, Ha Giang, Vietnam
Lung Cu flag tower

Lung Cu flagpole is the place to attract tourists to check-in when coming to Ha Giang. According to the Vietnamese Border Guard website, the sacred work in the northernmost point of this country has a very long history; undergone many times of restoration and embellishment. The current flagpole is more than 30 m high, octagonal style, decorated with Dong Son bronze drums; At the top is the national flag of 54 m2.

Hanoi flagpole

Hanoi flagpole, or Ky Dai, is one of the most intact and monumental works of the central area of ​​Thang Long Citadel – Hanoi; World Cultural Heritage recognized by UNESCO in 2010.

Nam Dinh flagpole

Nam Dinh Flagpole

Nam Dinh flagpole is a national monument in Nam Dinh city. According to the Nam Dinh Provincial Museum, the work was completed in 1843 under the Nguyen Dynasty, located in the center of Nam Dinh’s ancient citadel. Once destroyed by bombs and bombs, the Nam Dinh flagpole was restored to its original state in 1997.

Hien Luong flagpole

Hien Luong Flagpole

Hien Luong flagpole belongs to the historical relic of Hien Luong – Ben Hai dike in Quang Tri province. In addition to the flagpole, there is also Hien Luong Bridge, Union House, wharfs, monuments cluster “Unified Aspiration” … With special values, Hien Luong – Ben Hai couple is ranked as special national monuments.

Flagpole of Hue Citadel (Thua Thien – Hue)

Hue Flagpole

The flagpole is located in the middle of the south side of Hue Citadel; was built at the beginning of the Gia Long Dynasty. According to the data of Hue Monuments Conservation Center, the work consists of two parts: a massive three-story flag tower with an overlapping pyramid shape, 17 meters high; the same flagpole is nearly 40 m high.

Thu Ngu flagpole

Thu Ngu Flagpole

Thu Ngu flagpole is located in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City today. According to the information introduced by the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism, Thu Ngu Flagpole has a history of more than 150 years; built at the confluence of Saigon River and Ben Nghe canal; used to keep the function of signaling ships in and out of the river. Recently the work was restored, adding attractions for residents and visitors.

Flagpole at Cape Ca Mau

The Flagpole Project at Ca Mau Cape was inaugurated on the occasion of the Tourism and Culture Week of Ca Mau in 2019. In addition to this work, visitors to the Cape Ca Mau tourist area at the southernmost tip of the country can also check-in with national coordinate landmarks, the symbol of the Ca Mau Cape, the symbol of the endpoint of Ho Chi Minh Road, the Mother statue …

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