12 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions on Quy Nhon – Binh Dinh

Hoang Hau Beach (Queen beach)

Queen Beach (Hoang Hau Beach - Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh)

The reason it got the name Hoang Hau beach is that it was once the private resort of King Bao Dai and Queen Nam Phuong. The Queen was attracted by the beauty of the scenery and nature here, so she chose this place to stop and rest.

Champa’s Twin Towers

The tower was built in the late 12th century, this is a Binh Dinh tourist destination with an impressive, unique, and unique architecture consisting of 2 towers lying next to each other along the North-South axis.

The Twin Towers is a famous tourist attraction attracting tourists from all over the world to learn about the civilization of the ancient Champa kingdom.

With a location located on Tran Hung Dao Street, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province. The Twin Towers is classified into one of the towers with “unique” architecture of the architectural art of Champa.

Duong Long Cham Temple

This is one of the surviving ancient Cham tower relics in Binh Dinh. This place consists of 3 towers built side by side to form an architectural block with many meanings.

Duong Long Tower (Quy Nhon - Binh Dinh)

Like other Cham towers, these 3 towers also possess sophisticated features in the art of sculpture and shaping of the Cham people. However, many researchers believe that it had a bit of the same direction as the Khmer person.

Ghenh Rang Tien Sa

A beautiful name Ghenh Rang is one of the successive rocky beaches winding along the curves of Xuan Van mountain. A must-see check-in destination for young people from Ghenh Rang Tien Sa, 3km southeast of the city center, belongs to Ghenh Rang ward, Quy Nhon city. Come here, you should rent for yourself a hotel in Ghenh Rang, to be able to admire the full selection of scenery here.

Ghenh Rang Tien Sa (Quy Nhon - Binh Dinh)

The natural scenery here is poetic, fanciful, and beautiful, making those who have ever come to have an unforgettable impression.

Especially here, visitors can visit the resting place of the talented but fateful poet Han Mac Tu – who suffers from evil leprosy disease but still loves to love and love. Along with the charming natural landscape, immortal poetry has been created.

Banh It Cham Temple

This Binh Dinh tourist destination has the architecture of the tower somewhat special and fancy from a distance, looking towards the population of 4 towers like a “little cake”, so the tower is also called Banh It Tower. The tower is located in Phuoc Hieu commune, Tuy Phuoc, Binh Dinh.

Banh It Cham Temple (Binh Dinh)

The four towers have an intimate connection with each other; the main tower is 22m high and surrounded by smaller sub-towers and has different distinct architecture, with high artistic value.

Quang Trung Museum

Binh Dinh was originally a land associated with the name of King Quang Trung. Therefore, when you come here, take some time to visit King Quang Trung’s museum to learn more about the history and this hero!

Long Khanh Pagoda

Long Khanh Pagoda is one of the prominent places for sightseeing, spiritual tourism in Binh Dinh. There is a large Buddha statue, up to 17m high and placed right in the middle of the temple courtyard; from the outside can also easily see this statue.

Eo Gio

Eo Gio, Binh Dinh

A new Binh Dinh tourist area which is quite attractive to tourists is located in Nhon Ly commune 20km from Quy Nhon city. The name Eo Gio originates from the geographic shape because looking down from above you will see the strait surrounded by mountains like blocking and embracing a beautiful beach. So what are you waiting for without booking a beautiful Eo Gio hotel close to nature, the sea, and the sky after the tiring pressure of life?

Cu Lao Xanh

An invaluable gift that nature has given to Binh Dinh land. Cu Lao Xanh has located in Nhon Chau island commune 20km from Nha Trang city.

Visitors will be fascinated by the endless natural beauty of the cool blue sea. Watching sunset and sunrise is the most exciting thing that many visitors eagerly await when they check-in.

Ky Co Beach

Ky Co beach, Quy Nhon, Vietnam

Not a destination that is known by many people, but not so that Ky Co is less attractive. 25km from the city on Nhon Ly island. The beach at Ky Co is quiet, the sea is shallow, so visitors can enjoy bathing without fear of waves. The pristine white sand beach surrounded by majestic mountains makes the beauty of Ky Co even more interesting.

Yen Island

Yen Island (Binh Dinh)

Where the birds nest on the rugged cliffs. Coming to Yen Island, visitors will see the wonderful nature with natural caves that have created for thousands of years. On this island, there are 30 different large and small caves; outstanding to mention: Doi cave, Can cave, Ba Nghe cave …

Thi Nai lagoon

The lagoon attracts visitors by its magical charm with a length of 10km and a width of about 4km. There are countless types of seafood living in the lagoon. Thi Nai lagoon is the largest lagoon in Binh Dinh. In the lagoon, there is a small mountain where people set up a temple on it to worship the water god. Its shape looks like an ancient tower called Thay Boi tower.

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