Tu Le Commune (Yen Bai) – The picturesque scene in the Northwest

During the journey to discover the Northwest highlands, Tu Le Commune is the ideal stopover for travelers. This place is a beautiful valley in all four seasons at the foot of Khau Pha Pass.

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As a highland commune of Van Chan district (Yen Bai), Tu Le Commune has long been famous and captivating tourists from all over by its specialties and cultural features that seem unique to this land. Tu Le captivates people’s hearts by the winding terraced valley at the foot of three sky-high mountain peaks: Khau Pha, Khau Than, and Khau Song.

The valley in Tu Le Commune
The valley in Tu Le Commune

Overcoming the soft winding northwestern streets like a silk ribbon extending from the center of Van Chan district, we will arrive at Tu Le. Stop at the foot of the Khau Pha Pass, take your eyes off the Tu Le valley; the beautiful wild nature gradually appears before your eyes, perhaps even more than what has been heard, imagined.

Khau Pha Pass - One of the most iconic places of Northern Vietnam
Khau Pha Pass

Tu Le Commune is much more beautiful and poetic; it must be worthy of being one of the wonders of the Northwest. The terraced fields meandering around the Thai villages like paintings sprouting seeds of young rice.

Tu Le Commune is rich in vitality with Thai villages at the foot of the mountain; beside the flowing streams, the road connecting the commune center with the Thai village is crowded with people walking.

Tu Le weather is always clear in every season. In the summer, the cold, soothing flesh makes everyone feel soothing. In the afternoon, the scattered spring rains make the atmosphere here wild. Traveling to Tu Le, everyone has a peaceful feeling when living in a space filled with mountains and forests.

Lim Mong village is located under Khau Pha pass
Lim Mong village is located under Khau Pha pass

People here like to adorn this mountain country. In the center of the commune, the bustling atmosphere of the Mong people on the high mountains, Thai people in the villages makes the space full of life. From the small road in the village, everyone smiled warmly.

In the center of the commune, on both sides of the road during market days; people can sell roosters, mountain pigs, mountain vegetables, sticky rice, paddy wine, oranges, … all the highland products present in life live every day.

Tu Le fair is colorful by brocade stalls. That is the place to sell brocade dresses of Tu Le painting, items that will beautify Mong Tu Le women. Then even the stalls of Thai people with a square headscarf, necklace, earrings, traditional dress … crowded with buyers.

Nature has endowed this land with a “specialty” that every time it is mentioned, people want to try it once; it is the hot spring source right next to the stream, right next to the terraced fields.

Tu Le Commune is also famous for its specialties like "Cốm" (green rice flakes)
Tu Le Commune is also famous for its specialties like “Cốm” (green rice flakes)

This water source is hot all year round, so for a long time, Thai people have gathered there for bathing after a day’s work. Amidst the immense heaven and earth, soaking in the hot water in any season, you can feel the harmony of heaven and earth so enjoyable and relieved. In recent years, developing this potential, Tu Le has built and planned hot springs into natural baths to serve tourists of all regions.

Tu Le Commune has a poetic, peaceful and colorful beauty in the Northwest. Therefore, in recent years, Yen Bai province has had a policy of developing community tourism; in order to promote the inherent tourism potential of this land.

Community tourism in Yen Bai
Community tourism in Yen Bai

With the endowment of nature, the construction of human hands, Tu Le land brings tourists all over the world the harmonious beauty between natural scenery and human life.

Tu Le tourism is coming to the journey to discover the beauty of terraced fields, village culture, culinary culture, and other pleasures such as hot baths, fair walks, relaxation …

In particular, in Tu Le, homestay tourism services are organized by indigenous people and are attractive to tourists. Walking on a road leading to Thai villages, tourists will feel like they are living in a strangely quiet space.

No noise, no dust, and no one bothered when walking around. The stilt house in Tu Le is usually located under immense green, yellow rice valleys; and the aroma of flowers and fruits.

Here, indigenous people will meet the needs of tourists; such as eating, resting overnight with dishes rich in the aftertaste with black chicken, mountain pig, five colors sticky rice, stream fish …

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